GMP Slowakije is wereldwijd marktleider in de productie van haspels en drums voor draad en kabel-industrie.

Dutch: GMP Slowakije is groot in de productie van stalen "reels" en "drums". Tevens maken ze voor deze producten handling-units. GMP heeft jarenlang ervaring in de kabelindustrie.
Kenmerken zijn: nauwkeurigheid tot rond 1600mm en de mogelijkheid voor klantspecifieke oplossingen.

English: GMP Slovakia is worldwide leader in the production of steel reels, drums and
handling equipments. The manufacturing department is located in Slovakia,
in the heart of Europe. It is very close to European customers but also to extra
European customers thanks to the closeness to the main international seaports.
The industrial area is 130.000 mq of which 32.000 mq are covered.
In the manufacturing departments there are traditional art machineries and high
technology machineries as welding robots, CNC turning machines, 1000 Ton presses,
balancing machines up to Ø 1600 mm. All operators are skilled and continuously
trained; this is the strength of GMP Slovakia, the highly experienced team which is
employed in this market for several years. GMP Slovakia cooperates with all the main
machinery suppliers all over the world. It has a wide number of agents, located in
different countries to guarantee the best service to the customers.
Both sales and technical departments and manufacturing department team have
a long experience in the wire and cable industry.
They work together to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations.
GMP Slovakia always tries to satisfy customer’s request. It is specialized in finding
solutions to customized requirements, studying innovative solutions suitable for every
application. This is the strength of GMP Slovakia; the long experience and the great


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Stalen haspel 1000mm


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